Welcome to the Bristol Community Energy Fund – a scheme created by Bristol City Council, to benefit the whole city. We’re creating a community energy movement in the city. An inclusive approach towards supporting and enhancing the activities of the local energy scene. We’re supporting local groups through grant and loan offers to fund their energy efficiency and sustainability projects..

We’re also working with businesses of all sizes across the city to provide a way for organisations to contribute to and address environmental and social issues in our communities.

The community energy movement that we started in 2015 continues to grow and flourish, adapting regularly to changes in policy and approach, proving continually that Bristol is a resilient city with an unyielding passion for its people.

Get a quick introduction to the work of Bristol Community Energy Fund by watching the video above.


Projects Funded

We’re so excited about the projects that we’ve been able to support with funding. To see all the projects in a bit more detail, check out our projects map.


Grants Total

This is the total amount that we’ve issued through our grants programme so far. A great start! Read more in our news section.


Loans Total

This is the total amount of loan funding that we’ve distributed to date. You can find out more on our Loans page.