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There are so many ways to get involved with the Bristol Community Energy Fund. Whether you run a local community group or a large business in the city, there are a range of incredible benefits for your organisation and the community.

We want you and the rest of Bristol’s business community to join us in providing a home for renewable energy projects in the city. We’re talking about sharing your rooftops, your boilers or even your land with local community groups in exchange for a range of great benefits for you and your organisation.

As a business and a building occupier, there are lots of great reasons to get involved:

  • The installation of a renewable energy project in your building will mean you’re giving back to your local community – creating jobs, opportunities and growth in the industry.
  • As a building occupier, you can use the renewable energy that’s being produced to pay a cheaper rate for your energy.
  • You’ll be buffering your business from future energy price rises.
  • You’ll boost your organisations environmental credentials, reduce your carbon emissions and satisfy your Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.

To lead by example, Bristol City Council has  made its own roof spaces available for the delivery of community-owned solar PV installation projects. As the Landlord of 40% of the land and buildings within Bristol, this has transformed the opportunities available for the vibrant community energy sector in the region and proven that this is actually a really attractive offer for other businesses who want to follow suit.

Please get in contact to see what we can offer to your organisation.

The Bristol Community Energy Fund can offer your community group a loan to cover the development costs of a renewable technology project or grant funding for an energy-related project in your area.

Grant funding options

Grant funding is available in two categories. These are either grants for up to £2,000 or grants for up to £10,000 for energy related projects in the community.  For more information or to apply for grants, see our Grants page.

Loan options

Community groups can borrow money from the fund to pay for the development costs of a new renewable energy project. Once the project is completed, the loan is repaid into the fund to enable future projects. For more information, see our Loans page.

Show your support

Show your support for the Bristol Community Energy Fund by proudly displaying our logo on your website, blog or newsletter. If you’re a business or community group that’s working directly with us, we have a special Bristol Community Energy Fund emblem available to show that you are working directly with us on a funded project. Download the Bristol Community Energy Fund logo below.

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