An rolling energy auditing project where children take responsibility for saving energy in and outside of school hours. The activity included the development of tools and methods that can be easily replicated in neighbouring schools across the city.

How much funding did we award to the project?

The Bristol Community Energy Fund awarded £350 to Hillcrest Primary School in February 2016.

What activities did this funding enable?

The school a professional from the Environmental Education Project, who came in to work with children on ways to measure and reduce energy consumption. The project engaged Years 5 and 6 to share with them the explicit link between how energy is generated and consumed. The school’s Green Team (led by eight Year 6 children) then fed back to the whole school when they delivered an ‘energy’ assembly.

How many people have benefited from the funded activities?

Over 400 pupils at the school have benefited from the project and the funding provided has meant that Hillcrest have been able to promote their energy saving agenda quickly whilst engaging the whole school community. The children are now fully aware of why it’s important to turn off lights, shut doors and windows and power down devices. This is something that they take very seriously and learning that can be taken home to share with their families.

A big thank you to the Bristol Community Energy Fund for providing the grant funding.

– Bridget Norman, Hillcrest Primary School

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