A project to add visual displays to the St. Werburghs Connection Centre with the aim of telling the story about the energy efficiency and renewable energy measures being added to the site. This sits alongside investment from other organisation which previously added Solar PV and Heat Pump technology to the thriving community hub.

How much funding did we award to the project?

The Bristol Community Energy Fund awarded £3,500 to St. Werburghs City Farm in February 2016.

What activities did this funding enable?

St. Werburghs City Farm developed a child friendly, and farm appropriate interpretation, highlighting the renewable energy and green features being installed in the new classrooms and learning spaces in the Connection Centre – recycled newspaper insulation, solar panels and an air source heat pump. The project engaged a professional designer to turn the content into interpretation boards in the form of a ‘trail’ around the main farm site.

How many people have benefited from the funded activities?

Over 40,000 service users and local residents have benefited including the groups that engage directly with the farm for training and therapy. These include: Alcohol / Drug Addiction; BME groups; Children and Young People; Disadvantaged / Low Income; Families; People in Urban Areas; People with general health issues; People with learning difficulties; People with mental health difficulties.

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