The Bristol Playbus local charity added solar panels to their “Sensory Truck”, a mobile sensory environment for children with a disability or life-limiting illness. The solar panels will mean that the equipment on the truck can work without the use of diesel generators.

How much funding did we award to the project?

The Bristol Community Energy Fund awarded £900 to Bristol Playbus in February 2016.

What activities did this funding enable?

Bristol Playbus were able to fit solar panels to the roof of their ‘Sensory Truck’ which provides mobile sensory services to children with additional needs and disabilities. The equipment inside can be quite power-hungry so they now have a way of ensuring that the batteries are topped up regularly so that the equipment is fully operational when they need it.

How many people have benefited from the funded activities?

Nearly 400 children and young people with disabilities and access issues are benefiting from this newly kitted out vehicle. As a result of this funding Bristol Playbus have decided to install solar panels on the roof of their office too helping them to offset the organisation’s carbon emissions even further.

It was only by the award of this grant that we have gained the confidence to look at further renewable energy projects to make our charity greener and more sustainable.

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